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NRM WA: Our 2022 federal election commitment request

For generations, an abundance of natural resources in WA has delivered prosperity to the people of Western Australia, and Australia more broadly. 

Those natural resources extend well beyond oil, gas and minerals.

Western Australia has unique flora and fauna on a scale and diversity not seen anywhere else on earth, as recognised by UNESCO. Biological diversity is central to economic prosperity in WA.

Western Australia’s unique soils support diverse, vibrant and critically important pastoral, agricultural and farming communities that contribute directly to the economic and social fabric of the state and the nation.

Since 2009, the seven NRM groups in WA have worked with local communities to identify and address environmental issues that limit the environmental, economic and social prosperity of WA.

A high priority has been on biological diversity and ensuring an environment that supports regenerative agriculture and sustainable pastoralism and farming.

In so doing, each of the NRM groups has helped enable regional prosperity 

In recent years, it has become clear that while local issues remain important, biological diversity and ensuring an environment that supports pastoralism, agriculture and farming, requires immediate action on a larger scale. 


NRM WA’s strength is its capacity to identify and implement simple community-based solutions to complex problems.



Western Australia’s unique biodiversity and landscapes

  • $450 million over 4 years

Climate change resilience

  • $620 million over 4 years


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